Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Christening cakes

Morning toots!

I seriously need to catch up on my from now on I'll be setting aside some time every Monday to update things. Hope everyone had a wonderfully splendid couple of weeks?! The weather hasn't been so bad of late, in fact it's been just right for sandwiches, tea and cake! I've just posted a couple of pictures of both types of cupcake, so you can have a look at how I decorated them. The lemon buttercream came out a little runnier than I would normally have liked (as I was holding the piping bag my body heat probably didn't help with that), so they look a little more "smudgy" than normal...although, that said, I came to like the "fluffy" softness of them. I also stamped some little butterfly shapes (thanks to my friend Amy, who loaned me the cutter) out of Squires Kitchen Sugar Florist Paste and hung them upside down over the side of a bowl to give a 3D effect. Once they had dried out, I dusted them in edible shimmer and attached three edible pearls to the body of each butterfly. You can see I added a couple of butterflies to each cupcake after icing and for a little more sparkle I sprinkled over some edible glitter. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a picture of them displayed on the lovely vintage cake stand, but I am pleased to report that several guests complimented me on the yumminess factor, which made it all worth the effort.

Next post coming soonly x


  1. Hi Kelly, I think I also need to set aside a specific time each week to blog. There just always seems to be something else I have to do first!. Glad your cakes went down well at the Christening, I'm sure you'll get asked to do more for future events, bet they were delicious!
    Amy x

    1. Thanks for keeping an eye on my ramblings :) Am currently trying to write a bit about Byecross, but I can't seem to concentrate at the moment. Oh well, I'll wait til I can! :)
      Kelly x