Monday, 20 May 2013

Raspberry jam cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

Vanilla sponge, filled with tangy raspberry jam and topped with vanilla buttercream (design inspired by old fashioned swimming hats!)


  1. Ooh! They look very pretty, see what you mean about the old fashioned swim hats :)
    Amy x

  2. Wow, they look absolutely amazing! Anne x

  3. Hello both! Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments :)
    Amy...I didn't realise I was going for that look at the time, it just kind of morphed. The others were supposed to be shells, but the frosting was a little runnier than I would normally make it and it ended up all fluffy :)
    Anne...I think they were tasty and I was pleased with them. This time I just went for a normal sponge cake recipe and as I'm old fashioned I used a 6oz/3 egg mix for 12 cupcakes....that way they come out a good size for me.
    Take care xx